Saturday, September 20, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Guy

On Saturday we celabrated Little Guy's 1st birthday. We had a wonderful party, but it was not unevetful:) Little Guy's Grandma from MI was able to come and all os his cousins from around the state that we live in. We had it at my parents house and was able to invite all of his friends from our sending church. Since all the teens love him they were also invited. All the teens and men went out to ride on the gocarts and all the ladies and small kids stayed inside:)
All was going well till it was time for cake. We gave Little Guy his smash cake to play with and he did not really enjoy it. The most scarry thing was that right after he played in the cake he broke out in bloches and welts! I was freeking out. My Mom put him right in a cool bath that helped him to calm down. Thankfully I have a very calm husband and Mother in Law. They told me to get the oregano oil and put it on his skin. Praise the Lord it was totally gone within a half an hour. I don't know what I would have done without my Mom, Hubby, and Mother in Law!!!!! Thanks for your Help!!!!!!!
We also want to thank my parents for letting us host the party at their house, and for all the help they gave me:)
We had a tridition to uphold on Saturday! It is the tradition of my Hubby's family to have a train cake for their first birthday. I was completely lost till my Mother in Law came to the rescue. The cake turned out great. I could not have done it without my MIL's help:) Thnak you!!!!!