Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Update

Where to begin? So much has happened this summer it is hard to start.
Well let me start by saying that we were so blessed and happy to find out that in the beginning of November we will be welcoming Baby #3 into our family. We are so excited to be having another little boy! Now Little Guy will have someone to wrestle with in a few years and can let his sister be a girly girl:)
The next thing is that we have safely moved all of our belongings into a beautiful place where we can call home while we are on deputation. speaking of deputation, it has been slow but good. God has blessed in many ways and He always meets our every need and many of our desires! so far we have been to many churches in MI, NY, MA, NJ, IN, and KY this summer. We have gone with the desire to be a blessing to the people there and in turn have been blessed by them!!! We are also blessed that in going to all those churches people are seeing the need for Gospel preaching churches in the western side of Canada. God is so good and I could never even begin to tell you all he has done for us!
The last thing is we are getting ready to head home to get ready to welcome the baby into our family.
Since deputation requires that my husband use the computer to make calls to Pastors during the day, it is not often that I am able to get on here to write anything. I usually get on long enough to read what everyone else is doing with their families. But I will try in the next few days to post pictures of our summer adventures for all to see:) Till then I must go!