Monday, December 1, 2008

Potty Training

My Hubby and I have a book that we use for training our son that really works for us:) When Little Guy was first born I had read almost every book that is printed about every aspect of child training. We brought home our Bundle of Joy and I was so confused at what to do:) I tried to be the best parent by reading all I could, but it only made it complicated.
I tried the whole feeding on demand, but that only drove me crazy because I could not figure out why he was crying, especially after just feeding him. Then a wonderful friend introduced me to the book My First 300 Babies. This saved my live:) I put Little Guy on a schedule and we were all happier with the outcome.

In this book it says to start potty training when your child turns one. This is not what everyone says to do it now, but this is a very old book:) I started today putting him on the potty and he did very good:) here is a picture of Little Guy trying out his new potty chair:) He really liked it:)

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