Friday, January 30, 2009

My First Hair Cut

Last week Little Guy got his first hair cut:) We tried it with the cape on but he did not like the fact that he could not get to his hands, so that came off.Besides that, he did a really good job of sitting there as long as he had something to play with:)
The Lady that was so gracious in doing it goes to our sending church and had a lot of patience when it came to keeping up with where Little Guy turned his head:)

This is the when it was all done. She did a great job and Little Guy's hair looks like a little boy now:) Although he was not too happy to be close to the scary lady with the scissors we had to take a picture when it was done:) ha ha And yes we saved some of his hair just in case it changes color as he gets older:)

1 comment:

Mommy said...

I don't think his hair color will change much. It is sooo "pretty"; if you can say that for a boy. ;-)

Good job little guy!