Friday, February 20, 2009

Show and Tell~Ready For Baby!!!

The other week my parents came over to our apartment to help me get ready for our new baby:) As you can see we are having a Little Princess!!!! This is so exciting since on my side of the family everyone has had boys so far:) But you can tell from the pictures that we have been blessed and busy shopping:) We live in a little apartment and have no more closet space, so to fix the problem we used this set of hooks to hang her cute dresses:)
With Little Guy I did not have a changing table, so when I found out we were expecting again I asked my Mom (the Yard Sale Queen:) to start looking for one! She found this beautiful table for only $10. My dad took it home and added his own personal touches:) He painted it white and added pink to the handles; the perfect touch for a Little Princess!!! We only need some cute baskets to go on the shelves where the clothes are now:)

This is how her wall looks:) We are ready for our baby to come:) Now we just have to wait for her to be ready to make her grand appearance:)!!!!!

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Jules said...

I love the changing table! It's amazing what a little paint and love can do. I also like the hooks you have above it.

Kathy said...

How wonderful - a little girl! The table your parents found and fixed up for you is gorgeous. Looks like your little princess is ready to be pampered.

Mommy said...

This is *soooo* exciting!!! Aren't girls fun?

I love your creativity with her "wall"

Target has Shabby Chic material baskets that would look so cute under the table.

They are about $10 a piece I think.

Your dad is so talented in many ways! ♥

ceekay said...

How sweet. I love the colors and the hanging hook idea is so cute.

Persuaded said...


sorry... i just got a little excited there *blush*

i have to say that i adore the idea of hanging all of the dresses on the wall like that. baby dresses are so sweet and they outgrow them so fast, one hardly has the time to enjoy them. this way you can savor their adorable-ness every time you walk into that room. the table is lovely too- i especially like the curve in the legs. oh, and when are you due???

Dragon Petals said...

OK first, your hanging method is ingenious. Second, congratulations on the girl! I have both a boy and a girl, and of course I love both equally, but little girl babies are SO much fun to dress! :) :)