Monday, March 16, 2009

A Baby Shower

This past weekend my Mom and Sister-In-Law gave me a baby shower!!!! It was so much fun:) We played some baby games...

and did some scrap booking:) This is my favorite part of the whole shower:) Everyone get together and makes pages for me to use when the baby comes. They did this for me at my sons shower and it made it so much easier when putting together his scrapbook! It is also fun to look back and read the notes they leave on the back of the pages!

The there was the opening of gift:) I received many beautiful things!!!
They were all so girly, everyone knows I am a true Girly Girl:)
Then on Sunday we received a BIG box filled with gifts the church had collected for us!

This is a blanket that one of the Ladies made for me:)
And again I recieved lots of frilly, girly things:) I loved them all!!!!!
Thank you Mom and Sis for all your hard work in giving me such a wonderful baby shower!!!!


Mommy said...

That quiit is "GORGEOUS"!!! What sweet little frilly, lacy, girly things! ♥

Farrah said...

You're expecting? CONGRATS!!! And a girl! Oh, I'm so happy for you! What a fantastic idea, the scrapbook pages! Looks like you have a great start! You are going to have SOOOOOOOO much fun with all those dresses and girly stuff!