Friday, February 19, 2010

Spending the AM in the ER

This morning I had to take our Princess to the ER:) She had been throwing up since Wednesday and did not look good. All day yesterday I gave her Gatorade and nursed her, but she was still not doing good. While we were there they took some blood and determined that she has a stomach flue and was dehydrated. They gave her an IV and she was not very happy about it:(
Her only comfort was her cup on Gatorade.
When that was done, she went to exploring what they had put on her hand and arm:)
As sad as it is, she looks so cute in a baby hospital gown! We are home now and she seems to be doing much better, Praise the Lord!!!!

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Mica said...

I will surely keep your little Princess in prayer. May the Lord restore her back to her little toddler self! Hugs, mica