Friday, March 26, 2010

Disney World trip

Last month my Hubby and I did a "Give a Day, Get a Day" For Disney and was able to go to Disney for free. Then because we are Fl residents we were able to buy 3 more day for a total of $42 for both of us. And since both of the children are under 3 they were free:) Little Guy had a great time seeing Mickie:)
This is Princess and I waiting for the Toy Story ride:)

Little guy getting to meet Lighting and Mater. He loves the Cars movie and loved meeting them:)
They also each got buttons for being there. Little guy wanted to wear his for the next couple of days and Princess just wanted to eat hers:)


Leanne said...

do you have suggestions for good, but cheaper hotels in the Orlando area....near Disney? we are thinking of going there next year!
Love the pictures!! I want to go to Disney for MY birthday...but probably not this year!

Mommy said...

I really dont know of any, sorry. We stayed at my husbands Aunt's house while we were there. We stayed in a town called Hainse City and it is about 20 minutes for disney. there may be cheaper hotels there, but then you dont get the whole Disney experience. You will also have to pay for parking and that is $14 a day at every park. So it might be cheaper to just get a cheaper hotel on property and take a tram. I hope that helps a little, sorry I cant be more help:(