Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Busy Week

WOW, already I have had a busy week. On Friday we will be heading out to the airport at 5am to go to Canada. Daddy and I are very excited to get there. Our hearts are for the people of Canada, and love to be with them.
This will be the first time I do any real travailing with Little Guy so if anyone has any advice I will gladly take it:) Packing has been trying because we live in the south were it is still nice and warm, and Little Guy has never been where it is cold. Thanks to Grandma (Daddy's Mommy:)) Little Guy has a cozy snow suit. (Pictures will follow the trip). We tried the suit on him and he looks so cute.
Well I better go and get some sleep:)

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Mommy said...

Can't wait to see little guy in his snow suit!

Traveling on the plane we did with Sweetie once. About Little Guy's age. Nurse on the plane while taking off.(Helps with ears popping) Sit by the window, and Daddy can shield you. Practice latching on underneath a blanket. People don't really care. My husband never notices when another lady is nursing in public. I usually have to point it out to him. Of course if they are doing it indiscretly, *then* he notices. ;-)

Change diapers during layovers. This is the best time to travel with a baby. When they like to be held. Do you have a baby carrier? That really helps too.