Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Trip

Well we have been back for almost a 2 weeks, but we have been very busy! It was a wonderful trip, and we were able to spend some time with our dear friends.

So lets start from the beginning:)
This is a pic of Little Guy sleeping during the flight:)

This was Little Guy's first flight so they let us take a pic of him in the cokpit:) He just woke up so he was not too happy!!!

Our flight left at 8am and we live about an hour from the airport so we were up at 4am so we could be ready to leave at 5! Wow that was early!!! We got the airport and were able to bypass the security line because Little Guy was in a stroller:) We were bumped up to the front of the line and did not have to wait. Amen!!!

Little Guy was wonderful on the plane and slept most of the time in the sling:) When we arrived at Edmonton we were met by the missionaries we stayed with and started our trek to our first stop in our ride to our finial destination. We slept at a friends house and then up in the morning for more travailing. Thankfully we only had 4 hours to go:)

The weather was wonderfully cold:) The coldest it got was -24C

Little Guy loved it:)

This trip was to be a fast one. On Sunday we were able to show part of our work to the people at the church. Daddy was unable to show our presentation due to the fact that his computer was not working. Satan did not get his way though; Daddy was able to do it verbally again. (He is getting good at being without pics to help him:)) We had wonderful fellowship at the dinner that was prepared for all the members of the church, and great food:) Then we had an early evening (afternoon) service. We spent the rest of the day out taking pictures of the town and people.

This was at the mall! Unlike we are used, to the mall closes at 5pm on the weekends! Another thing that we have to get used to is the price difference. It was almost $8 for a chicken strip meal!!!

On Monday we were on the road again. This time it was a test of my faith:) The roads were icy and many times I was unable to see anything in front of us (thankfully I was not doing the driving). But to God be the glory we arrived without injury to the town where we feel the Lord is leading us to live. The fellowship there was equally as sweet.
Here are some of the children at the church:)

We slept over there, and woke up early for our 5 hour ride to the airport (another nail biting ride) Our first flight was great, and without any trouble. But our next flight was something else. We had about 20 minutes to get to the other plane. So we rushed to the other terminal only to be the last people on the plane. We made it to the runway and then had to turn around and go back. We sat in the plane for 3 hours. There was something technical wrong in the cockpit and then we had to wait for new flight attendants. When we finally arrive at our airport we found out that 2 pieces of our luggage was still in Minnesota. One piece that was left was Little Guy's car seat. Thankfully the airport provided a car seat so we could go home. We arrived at home at 4am on Wednesday morning. I was able to sleep during the day whenever Little Guy took a nap but Daddy and Grandma had to work all day:( Grandma and Grandpa picked us up from the airport so they were equally as tired) Well that is the run down of our trip; the good, the bad, and the blessings:)

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Mommy said...

No fair! No one let us take a picture in the cockpit with our babies first flights. ;-)

The snow is absolutely beautiful. I am hoping that we get to see some this Christmas.

Little guy so cute peeping out of his car seat cover. The chicken is too funny in my opinion. Makes me say Praise the Lord for Olive Garden's soup and salad and bread sticks. Yum! :)

The children at the church are adorable. But I have to ask, what's with the short sleeves if it was -24?

Glad your back safe and sound. Looking forward to spending time with you next week.