Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Day 1~ Simplifying Budget and Gift List

Every year for Christmas I work really hard at getting something for EVERYONE. That has gotten to be really expensive!!!! So this year I have decided not to do that, although that totally goes against how I was raised!
I am making something for all my nieces and nephews, but their parents are only getting a family photo. For our children I was able to get most if there gifts from yardsales and used stores. Most of what I was able to find was new things still in the package.
I really didn't have a budget per say, just everything cheep:) I was able to spend less then $50 for both of my children. I also try to look for Chritmas presents all year long. That way I can get things at the best price, not when it is marked up for the Christmas rush. And that is how I am simplifying Christmas:)
This meme is hosted by my friend Heather! If you would like to play too, or just read about how others are simplifying Christmas, click here.

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Mommy said...

That was our budget too for the kids "Mommy" :) $50

I went a little bit over. Probably about $30 on ALL of them. Bean's gifts cost the most, and Tiny Boy's the least. So it may of evened out in the end.

I *LOVE* family pictures. :D