Thursday, December 10, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Day 7~Simple Gift Ideas

Sorry this is past the date, but today was super busy:)
Every year for Christmas I try to get things that are cheap in price, but not in quality:) This year I was able to get almost all of my children's gifts for yard sales. I was so excited when I was able to save some money and still get what I wanted for them:)
I also get them some clothes. I try to only get an outfit or two and I also try to get them something with a character that they like.
For my extended family I usually try to get something little for everyone, but that is not the case this year:) This year I am making something for all my nieces and nephews and giving a family picture to their parents. I am making them all the same thing, and while I am making it I spend the time thinking and praying for each child. I think this gift is more from the heart then ones I buy:) I will have to reveal what they are after Christmas:) Some of their Mommy's are reading this:)
This meme is hosted by my friend Heather! If you would like to play too, or just read about how others are simplifying Christmas, click here.

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