Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Day 6~ Share Some Simple Family Traditions

As far as family traditions goes we don't really have very many:( We are a fairly new family (only 4 years) and really have not had time to make any.
One thing that we do is we ALWAYS spend Christmas with our family!!! I love being with family, and since in only a few years we will be in Canada, no where near any family, I try to get as much family time in now as we can. I know we are doing what the Lord will have us to do by going to Canada, but when we get there it will be a hard adjustment.
Another thing I try to do every year is make cookies. There is a certain cookie that my Father-in-Law makes that my Husband just loves, I try to make them for him. Although this year both my cookie presses are packed and up north, so sadly I think I will be making them:(
I think that is it. I know, it is kinda sad that we don't have more. With our life right now (deputation) we are not really able to have family traditions. But I do love the ones that we have:)
This meme is hosted by my friend Heather! If you would like to play too, or just read about how others are simplifying Christmas, click here.

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Mommy said...

Awww! Jen! Don't feel bad about "traditions" Just keep things simple right?

Make those cookies anyway. Just spoon them out and press with a fork! They may look "funny" but they will still taste good. (((hugs)))

Even though your kids are young you can do some "traditions" and they will remember it. I am amazed that Tiny Boy seems to remember Christmas last year. He is was only two then. (going on three)

Also, your "traditions" will change and morf as the years go by. Nothing will ever be "exactly the same way". Being flexiable is part of being simple. Love you!